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What are the effects of organic or chemical fertilisers on plants?

Wat zijn de effecten van organische - Blog27 nov.

All plants need fertiliser to grow. Fertiliser provides plants with nutrients (NPK). What fertiliser is suitable for your plants? Organic or chemical fertiliser? In this article, we discuss the differences between these fertilisers and their effects. That way, you can make a good choice.

What is the difference between organic and chemical fertiliser?

The source of the nutrients in the fertiliser determines whether these are organic or chemical. Is it a from a plant or animal source? Then it is organic fertiliser or an organic substrate. Examples include algae extract, worm manure, or fishmeal. Chemical fertiliser originally came from minerals in rocks. There are also combinations of organic and chemical fertiliser. We refer to these as organo-chemical fertilisers.   

How to determine the correct fertiliser

You first need to determine the purpose of cultivation. Is a high yield or the quality of the end product more important to you? Organic fertiliser improves the flavour of your end products. And chemical fertiliser ensures a bigger yield. 

Effects of organic fertiliser

If you use organic fertiliser, nutrients will be absorbed not only by the roots, but by the soil life too. This consists of all kinds of micro-organisms that are important for the health of your crop and for creating nutrients. Organic fertiliser supports the soil life, which makes it more fertile and balanced. This has a beneficial effect on the flavour of your end product. At BAC, we supply the following organic fertiliser products: Bio pellets, Cocos, Lime and Lava Soil.

Effects of chemical fertiliser

The nutrients in chemical fertiliser are absorbed by the roots immediately and work more quickly, as a result of which plants grow faster and produce higher yields. An additional benefit of chemical fertiliser is that you can adjust the nutrients more easily. 

BAC has developed a number of fertiliser formulations that meet the specific needs of the plant. That way, you can fertilise in a targeted way. Examples of our chemical fertiliser products include: Soil nutrients and Hydro nutrients

Preventing root damage

We recommend using organic stimulators with chemical fertilisers because chemical fertilisers do not contribute to a healthy soil life. They consist of various salts. If these salts accumulate around the roots, it can cause root damage. You can prevent this with BAC stimulators

If you have any questions after reading this article, our specialists would be delighted to give you personal advice

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