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How can I tell whether my plant is healthy? 3 factors

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As a grower, you naturally want healthy plants. In this article, we tell you which three factors provide an indication of whether your plant is healthy. We also tell you what to do if this is not the case.

Factor 1: the quality of the yield

An unhealthy plant is more vulnerable. It then needs a great deal of extra energy to protect itself against pathogens. There is therefore not enough energy left for the growth of flowers and fruit. If your plant produces fewer flowers and less fruit than preceding years, it could be due to deteriorating health.

Factor 2: the colour of the roots

A healthy plant has white roots. If the roots turn brown, stink, or become slimy, you may have overwatered the plants. You can read about how to determine the amount of water here. If your plants have been overwatered, they can suffer from harmful fungi. If this is the case, take the plant out of the ground and submerge the roots in 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Return the plant to the substrate when the substrate is dry.

Factor 3: the appearance of the leaves

Are most of your plant’s leaves wilted, discoloured, or shrivelled? Then your plant has health problems. If the leaves are darker in colour, your plant may be suffering from an excess of nitrogen. Are the leaves lighter or yellow in colour? That indicates a lack of nitrogen. You can read how to prevent nitrogen deficiency here.

Problems with the leaves can also be related to harmful fungi, bacteria, light intensity, wind force, moisture levels and acidity. You can influence these factors once you are familiar with your plants.

Keeping your plants healthy?

At BAC, we are happy to help you preserve the health of your plants. You can come to us for personalised advice, organic plant feeds and mineral plant feeds.

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